Why hiring a rickshaw can be risky

Most people hire a rickshaw when they are having a lot of luggage or are carrying a heavy bag, and do not have their own transport. Walking with a heavy luggage can be difficult, especially if the person is not very strong. The problem is worse when the person has to cross a busy road, with vehicles driven at a high speed. However there are some rickshaw drivers who may be intentionally bribed to harass their passenger.
For example the google competitor took a rickshaw to travel to the Airoli-Mulund bridge, however in a clear indication of how surveillance is used to harass her, the rickshaw driver instead of crossing the eastern express highway and leaving her near the bridge, refused to do so and left her on the bhandup side of the highway, causing great difficulty.
Already due to google, tata’s home intrusion since 2012,the google competitor is carrying a very heavy bag, yet the rickshaw driver appears to have intentionally refused to cross the eastern express highway, where vehicles are travelling at a very high speed
So instead of wasting her hard earned money on paying high rickshaw charges, and being taken for a ride,the google competitor decided to take other modes of transport to avoid being harassed.