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Though bus conductors make up to Rs 30000 a month, raw/cbi employees do not falsely claim to own private buses, why do they falsely claim to own domains of private citizens

Bus conductors in goa make Rs 700-1000 daily, yet google, tata, NTRO think they are doing a great favor allowing citizens to make money online
Indicating the atrocities of government, ntro employees they think that they are doing citizens a great favor allowing them to make money online when actually those who make money online, are making very less money for the time and money they spend.
For example according to a report in navhind times, Bus conductors in goa make Rs 700-1000 daily,only collecting money, yet google, tata, NTRO think they are doing a great favor allowing citizens to make money online
The bus conductors are not very educated, they are only collecting money yet they make Rs 21000-30000 monthly profit. On other hand, domain investor spend Rs 4-5 lakh annually on domain renewals, enough to purchase a new bus, yet they do not make more than Rs 10000 a monthly in profit
Yet indicating the rampant exploitation in the internet sector, raw/cbi falsely claim that their well paid employees who do not spend any money on domains, do not do any computer work, own the domains, websites, of a private citizen who is making very less money
When raw/cbi employees do not falsely claim to own the private buses in goa, why are they falsely claiming to own domains of private citizen in goa

After lockdown more drivers are overspeeding

During the lockdown, the roads of panaji were largely deserted, and it was very safe to walk
Now that lockdown is lifted to a great extent in panaji, most of the drivers are overspeeding, well above the speed limit
The problem is severe in the st.inez area
There is no traffic cop to penalize the drivers, unlike earlier when the traffic sentinel scheme was open, and drivers were more careful in driving their vehicle.

Falsely linking vehicle ownership with education levels indicates the lack of PROFESSIONALISM of security agency employees in goa

Many people who have lived and worked in metro cities like mumbai are not having their own vehicle, since the public transport system is very good and affordable. However, in goa, the public transport is not reliable, so most people have their own vehicle. If a person who has lived in mumbai, comes to goa, and does not use a vehicle, the corrupt prejudiced security agency employees are criminally defaming them as uneducated which is incorrect.

In case of the domain investor, when she tried to get a driving license in panaji, goa, allegedly indore robber R&AW employee housewife deepika and her husband mahesh, bribed the corrupt security agency employees to torture the domain investor in the worst possible manner, causing very great pain, headache,memory loss which affected her for a week or more.
Since the radiation torture will continue in goa, the domain investor will not try to get a driving license in goa.

Many of the drivers are uneducated, and many uneducated women like school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina chandan, are driving their car, because they have lived in goa, most of their life after 18, and have someone in goa, like their husband to teach them driving. It is also extremely dangerous for a person like the domain investor who is widely HATED to drive a car, since she may be falsely implicated in an accident.

It an indication of the incompetence, prejudices, lack of PROFESSIONALISM of the security agency employees, especially in goa, that they are falsely linking driving a vehicle with the education level, wealth of a citizen. Vehicle ownership is a personal choice, depending on the lifestyle of the person, yet the security agency employees in goa are extremely rigid.

New Leon from Seat

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Car watchers have noticed the Spanish car manufacturer Seat test the next-generation version of the Leon car repeatedly in the last few months. The development of the new Leon from Seat is in its final stages. Experts believe that the Seat will announce the new model of Leon within a few months, most probably at the Motor Show held in Frankfurt. The Spanish version of the Volkswagen (VW) Golf will have a dashboard similar to the one in the Cupra Formentor car. The dashboard is designed like a tablet with a touchscreen display and is located on top of the centrally located air vents. The console at the center is also raised.

The infotainment system in the vehicle will be a completely new design, and it can be updated remotely if required. The test car which is featured in the video below used automatic transmission.

It also had a stub like gear selector located between the seats. This feature was similar to the lever which Porsche has used in its new car model 911. The higher end models of Leon car are also expected to have a cluster of digital instruments which are found in other cars from the Volkswagen group.

Purchase of royal enfield bike by panaji gujju pervert nikhil, proves that BRIBERY is very lucrative in india

One of the reasons why the indian economic growth has reduced is because CORRUPTION, BRIBERY and government fraud is at its highest levels since independence . Those who offer sex,money bribes to top officials get raw/cbi jobs with monthly salary for faking home, paypal, bank account and domain ownership with the help of fraud companies like google, tata.

The latest beneficiary of the google, tata online fraud is the young panaji gujju pervert nikhil, son of the school dropout cbi employee naina chandan who looks like sneha wagh who has purchased a new royal enfield bike ad 9909 for diwali 2019 with the monthly salary gifted by google tata for FAKING domain, paypal, bank account, home and domain ownership at the expense of the real domain investor who is not getting anything
a royal enfield bike costs at least Rs 1.22 lakh, with taxes , the gujju fraud refuses to pay any money for domains, yet the indian and goan government makes fake claims about domain ownership pampering and rewarding the panaji pervert nikhil

bank details, income tax returns will legally prove that panaji gujju pervert nikhil has no domain investment, no paypal income, yet because his mother naina offers SEX BRIBES to top gujju officials, having regular SEX with parmar, parekh, nikhil sha and his balding bespectacled father offers MONEY BRIBES to all the corrupt intelligence and security agency employees in goa , the indian government blindly believes all the lies of gujju pervert nikhil, his brother karan and his school dropout mother and pays the gujju fraudster family a monthly government salary at the expense of the real domain investor.

though the goan and indian government are trying to dupe people, companies and countries that panaji pervert nikhil, with no online income, no domain investment, is a domain investor, people should aware that nikhil on royal enfield bike ad 9909 is only the son of india’s top SEX SERVICE PROVIDER naina chandan
This royal enfield bike purchase again proves that in 2019, honesty, hardwork, skills are not important offering BRIBES to top government employees is all important.

One Trip with Two Experiences

I went to Las Vegas with a friend a couple of weeks ago, and we both had different experiences. I went out with one of the Las Vegas independent escorts, while he went out with a woman who he had known for years and was meeting in the city. He wanted to hook up with the woman and I told him that it probably wouldn’t go the way he wanted. He was insistent that he would hook up with her, but I kept telling him that the girl looked like she only wanted to be friends.

My friend and I went out with our dates on separate days. I went out with my escort first, while my friend went out with his female friend the next day. The date I had was amazing, and the escort and I had some nice alone time that night. Continue reading…

Google, tata continues with their vehicle, car driving women, housewives FRAUD in st inez, panaji, goa

Though income tax returns filed in 2019 and earlier, will legally prove that google, tata employees are LIARS, FRAUDS making fake claims about call girls, robbers, cheaters for 10 years to get them all raw/cbi jobs without doing any work, without investing any money to avoid paying money for SEX, Bribes from their million dollar profits, the intelligence and security agency employees in goa continue to blindly believe the LIES of the section 420 fraud google, tata employees.

The domain investor is unable to drive a vehicle, since the indian government, bribed by google, tata has wasted Rs 4 crore annually for the last 10 years to CRIMINALLY DEFAME and torture her, in a clear case of HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES, DENIAL OF fundamental rights, making it impossible to get a driving license. When the domain investor last tried to get a driving license, tata employees ensured that she had a very severe headache using radiation weapons, which was unbearable for 10 days.

To CRIMINALLY defame the domain investor further, the section 420 fraud LIAR tata employees are spreading false rumors that the domain investor has no income, and that various lazy greedy dishonest vehicle, car driving women, who are not doing any computer work at all, are doing the computer work, to get all these car driving women great powers, and monthly salary at the expense of the domain investor who is getting nothing.

Many citizens are investing in stocks at home, government employees are writing at home, other countries like kenya allow their citizens to write at home, and unlike the section 420 fraud intelligence and security agencies in goa, the person who is actually spending the time writing is acknowledged unlike the LIAR security and intelligence employees of goa, who are making FAKE claims about goan call girls, maidservants and various married women

bank details, income tax returns, will LEGALLY PROVE that the google, tata employees are section 420 frauds, LIARS who should not be trusted and the LAZY FRAUD LIAR call girls, maidservants, and various car, vehicle driving married women, especially in St. inez, panaji have no paypal income. It is a reflection of the widespread rot in indian society that LIAR goan call girls, maidservants and various married women involved in BANKING FRAUD, making FAKE CLAIMS of computer work, are considered high status and respectable, while honest hardworking citizens are CRIMINALLY DEFAMED

When these married, car driving women are not spending any time and money doing computer work, why do they want to make fake claims, falsely take credit, while CRIMINALLY DEFAMING the person who is actually spending her time doing the work, spending the money

White Car 9604 driving housewife neelima is the latest BANKING FRAUDSTER LIAR housewife in panaji, promoted by google, tata in their online writing fraud

Bribed by google,tata, the intelligence and security agencies in panaji, goa have made it the writing and online fraud capital of the world since 2010, making completely fake claims about housewives, maidservants to get them raw/cbi jobs or great powers without doing any work, without investing any money at the expense of the person who is actually doing all the work
the intelligence and security agency employees in panaji show their lack of intelligence when they blindly believe that all those who are driving vehicles, especially cars are always honest, when rich people are sometimes the greatest liars and lack morals
After the great success of the gujju school dropout cbi employee housewife naina chandan who looks like actress sneha wagh is getting a monthly cbi salary for falsely claiming to own the websites where her fraud, sex news is published, now the section 420 fraudster officials in panaji are now promototing another housewife neelima, mother of two sons, falsely claiming that she is doing work online, owns the websites, while criminally defaming the domain investor who is legally owning the websites, as an uneducated person
Though the domain investor does not wish to waste her time, exposing the endless frauds of google, tata, intelligence and security agencies in panaji, goa, the great losses she suffered, because she kept quiet earlier, have forced her to expose the fraud, so that people are not duped by LIAR government employees

Income tax returns will again legally prove that neelima like other google, tata sponsored frauds in goa and elsewhere has no paypal income, only relies on liar officials, google, tata to make fake claims.

Are You Looking for UK Shares to Buy or Invest In?

Are you a beginning investor and looking for UK shares to buy or invest in? There are several that might pique your interest. Lets start with a couple of easy ones for the beginning investor. Copper is an option for many who would like to have stock on hand. Purchasing bullion in small quantities can boose your portfolio pretty quickly. With it being one the the most used metals in the world, the value is going to be retained. Of course, as with any investment there are thing to consider before purchasing such as storage and fees. That would be for any investment though.

Another option in the UK from the Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE) is to invest in International Consolidated Airlines (LSE: IAG. Continue reading…