Falsely linking vehicle ownership with education levels indicates the lack of PROFESSIONALISM of security agency employees in goa

Many people who have lived and worked in metro cities like mumbai are not having their own vehicle, since the public transport system is very good and affordable. However, in goa, the public transport is not reliable, so most people have their own vehicle. If a person who has lived in mumbai, comes to goa, and does not use a vehicle, the corrupt prejudiced security agency employees are criminally defaming them as uneducated which is incorrect.

In case of the domain investor, when she tried to get a driving license in panaji, goa, allegedly indore robber R&AW employee housewife deepika and her husband mahesh, bribed the corrupt security agency employees to torture the domain investor in the worst possible manner, causing very great pain, headache,memory loss which affected her for a week or more.
Since the radiation torture will continue in goa, the domain investor will not try to get a driving license in goa.

Many of the drivers are uneducated, and many uneducated women like school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina chandan, are driving their car, because they have lived in goa, most of their life after 18, and have someone in goa, like their husband to teach them driving. It is also extremely dangerous for a person like the domain investor who is widely HATED to drive a car, since she may be falsely implicated in an accident.

It an indication of the incompetence, prejudices, lack of PROFESSIONALISM of the security agency employees, especially in goa, that they are falsely linking driving a vehicle with the education level, wealth of a citizen. Vehicle ownership is a personal choice, depending on the lifestyle of the person, yet the security agency employees in goa are extremely rigid.