Lack of pavements

Another major problem is the lack of proper pavements in most parts of panaji. Most middle class people in panaji,especially those who were bought up in goa, are driving a vehicle, so they refuse to understand the problems faced by pedestrians.

If a person who has studied initially in goa has relocated to a metro city for work, he or she may not know driving as most metro cities have an excellent and fairly reliable public system. The security agencies in goa are torturing older people when they try to learn driving

While walking may not be fashionable, it allows the person walking to have a closer look at his or her surroundings, at the real problems faced. Water logging is a major problem, and one of the worst areas is area in front of the water supply department PWD in St Inez, Panaji where those who walk have to wade in the dirty puddle of water after heavy rainfall.

Fixing the problem would be relatively simple for the local government authorities, just dumping some pebbles, rubble will reduce water logging, however no one cares, they are too busy with organized stalking of harmless citizens to steal their resume, retirement savings, correspondence and memory.

Driving while speaking on the mobile phone

In addition to overspeeding drivers who exceed the permissible speed limit, other road zombies are drivers who break traffic rules, like driving with one hand, while speaking on the mobile phone.

Routinely two wheeler and car drivers are spotted speaking on their mobile phone while driving with a single hand. These drivers are aware of the fact that there is no one monitoring them, so they are free to try any stunt without being questioned, putting their life and the life of others in danger.

Usually most of these one handed drivers are young and can easily stop for some time to take the phone call, or speak to the person who called later as mobile phones have a missed call facility

Fining rash and overspeeding drivers

Fining drivers who exceed the speed limit can be a very lucrative source of income for the state government and also reduce the number of accidents in the state. If the vehicle drivers are aware that their speed is being monitored closely and they are likely to be fined, they will be far more careful.

However almost no measures are being taken to monitor the traffic in the state and take action against those who break the speed limit and other rules. This is unlike foreign countries like united kingdom, where the speed of vehicles on the highway is automatically monitored using the latest technology and speeding tickets are issued, often with minimal human intervention.

Compared to other cities especially Mumbai, in goa, there is less consideration for pedestrians, most of their problems are completely ignored especially in panaji. In many areas there are almost no footpaths for them to walk safely and during the monsoon, waterlogging makes the roads very narrow, pedestrians have to wade through dirty water.

Rash drivers, accidents and traffic arrangements

One of the biggest problems faced by pedestrians in panaji, goa is that car, scooter and motorcycle drivers are regularly exceeding the speed limit especially on one way roads. In Mumbai after a few minutes the traffic signals will allow the large number of pedestrians to safely cross. For example at Saki Naka junction in north mumbai, there are a large number of pedestrians and they can safely cross if they wait for some time.

Unlike large cities like Mumbai, the traffic planners in panaji, have not installed traffic signals, zebra crossings, at many places making it very difficult for pedestrians to cross the road and the many drivers are crossing the speed limit of 35 km per hour. This could be because the number of pedestrians in panaji, is relatively low, however they are also citizens and should be allowed to move from one place to another safely and freely.

The problem is particularly severe on Dayanand Bandodkar Marg in Panaji, as the drivers are regularly overspeeding . A pedestrian may have to spend at least 10 minutes to cross the road near the old secretariat, head post office during peak traffic hours in the morning at around 9 am.Some people who do not have vehicles are not travelling in panaji, because of the risk posed by speeding vehicles and lack of traffic signals . Some accidents have taken place on Dayanand Bandodkar marg, resulting in the death of senior citizens like the parents of social activist Dr Oscar Rebello.