Google, tata continues with their vehicle, car driving women, housewives FRAUD in st inez, panaji, goa

Though income tax returns filed in 2019 and earlier, will legally prove that google, tata employees are LIARS, FRAUDS making fake claims about call girls, robbers, cheaters for 10 years to get them all raw/cbi jobs without doing any work, without investing any money to avoid paying money for SEX, Bribes from their million dollar profits, the intelligence and security agency employees in goa continue to blindly believe the LIES of the section 420 fraud google, tata employees.

The domain investor is unable to drive a vehicle, since the indian government, bribed by google, tata has wasted Rs 4 crore annually for the last 10 years to CRIMINALLY DEFAME and torture her, in a clear case of HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES, DENIAL OF fundamental rights, making it impossible to get a driving license. When the domain investor last tried to get a driving license, tata employees ensured that she had a very severe headache using radiation weapons, which was unbearable for 10 days.

To CRIMINALLY defame the domain investor further, the section 420 fraud LIAR tata employees are spreading false rumors that the domain investor has no income, and that various lazy greedy dishonest vehicle, car driving women, who are not doing any computer work at all, are doing the computer work, to get all these car driving women great powers, and monthly salary at the expense of the domain investor who is getting nothing.

Many citizens are investing in stocks at home, government employees are writing at home, other countries like kenya allow their citizens to write at home, and unlike the section 420 fraud intelligence and security agencies in goa, the person who is actually spending the time writing is acknowledged unlike the LIAR security and intelligence employees of goa, who are making FAKE claims about goan call girls, maidservants and various married women

bank details, income tax returns, will LEGALLY PROVE that the google, tata employees are section 420 frauds, LIARS who should not be trusted and the LAZY FRAUD LIAR call girls, maidservants, and various car, vehicle driving married women, especially in St. inez, panaji have no paypal income. It is a reflection of the widespread rot in indian society that LIAR goan call girls, maidservants and various married women involved in BANKING FRAUD, making FAKE CLAIMS of computer work, are considered high status and respectable, while honest hardworking citizens are CRIMINALLY DEFAMED

When these married, car driving women are not spending any time and money doing computer work, why do they want to make fake claims, falsely take credit, while CRIMINALLY DEFAMING the person who is actually spending her time doing the work, spending the money

White Car 9604 driving housewife neelima is the latest BANKING FRAUDSTER LIAR housewife in panaji, promoted by google, tata in their online writing fraud

Bribed by google,tata, the intelligence and security agencies in panaji, goa have made it the writing and online fraud capital of the world since 2010, making completely fake claims about housewives, maidservants to get them raw/cbi jobs or great powers without doing any work, without investing any money at the expense of the person who is actually doing all the work
the intelligence and security agency employees in panaji show their lack of intelligence when they blindly believe that all those who are driving vehicles, especially cars are always honest, when rich people are sometimes the greatest liars and lack morals
After the great success of the gujju school dropout cbi employee housewife naina chandan who looks like actress sneha wagh is getting a monthly cbi salary for falsely claiming to own the websites where her fraud, sex news is published, now the section 420 fraudster officials in panaji are now promototing another housewife neelima, mother of two sons, falsely claiming that she is doing work online, owns the websites, while criminally defaming the domain investor who is legally owning the websites, as an uneducated person
Though the domain investor does not wish to waste her time, exposing the endless frauds of google, tata, intelligence and security agencies in panaji, goa, the great losses she suffered, because she kept quiet earlier, have forced her to expose the fraud, so that people are not duped by LIAR government employees

Income tax returns will again legally prove that neelima like other google, tata sponsored frauds in goa and elsewhere has no paypal income, only relies on liar officials, google, tata to make fake claims.