Siolim accident confirms that Toyota Fortuner can cause great harm

One of the most widely reported accidents in Goa in June 2018, was the accident that took place at Chopdem-Siolim bridge when a Maharashtra registered Toyota Fortuner crashed into a Maruti Swift.
While the father and son in the Maruti Swift died in the accident, and other family members in the car were injured, the media did not report of any injuries to the passengers and driver in the Toyota Fortuner due to the accident
However people in the area were extremely upset at the accident, and started beating up the people in Toyota Fortuner and burned their car, also causing a traffic jam for many hours.
The domain investor is usually walking and she has observed that the Toyota Fortuner is a very large vehicle, far bigger than other vehicles. Hence it can cause far more damage than any other vehicle. This was mentioned earlier, and traffic safety, should monitor the drivers of the larger vehicles more closely . The insurance that they should pay should also increase.
However, it remains the top selling SUV in India, with 1500 units sold monthly