Uber drivers now doing construction, masonry work

Compared to 2010, the online advertising rates are far lower, so most online publishers are doing some other work like writing to pay their daily expenses, domain renewal fees.
Yet the well paid government employees continue to run an extortion racket,making fake service tax allegations when revenues are below Rs 20 lakh
In many industry sectors, there are times, especially initially when people make a lot of money. For example Uber drivers were making plenty of money initially, now there is less money, especially after the covid pandemic, so they are doing masonry work, since the income is better and regular work is available

It is time well paid greedy government employees show some humanity and stop harassing citizens who are making very less money with fake service tax allegations, and are forced to take up low paying writing or construction work, since these citizens are also not allowed to get paid work in india because of the resume theft racket of top government employees.

Rash drivers, accidents and traffic arrangements

One of the biggest problems faced by pedestrians in panaji, goa is that car, scooter and motorcycle drivers are regularly exceeding the speed limit especially on one way roads. In Mumbai after a few minutes the traffic signals will allow the large number of pedestrians to safely cross. For example at Saki Naka junction in north mumbai, there are a large number of pedestrians and they can safely cross if they wait for some time.

Unlike large cities like Mumbai, the traffic planners in panaji, have not installed traffic signals, zebra crossings, at many places making it very difficult for pedestrians to cross the road and the many drivers are crossing the speed limit of 35 km per hour. This could be because the number of pedestrians in panaji, is relatively low, however they are also citizens and should be allowed to move from one place to another safely and freely.

The problem is particularly severe on Dayanand Bandodkar Marg in Panaji, as the drivers are regularly overspeeding . A pedestrian may have to spend at least 10 minutes to cross the road near the old secretariat, head post office during peak traffic hours in the morning at around 9 am.Some people who do not have vehicles are not travelling in panaji, because of the risk posed by speeding vehicles and lack of traffic signals . Some accidents have taken place on Dayanand Bandodkar marg, resulting in the death of senior citizens like the parents of social activist Dr Oscar Rebello.