Goa traffic sentinels should issue a challan to reckless driver of silver grey Toyota Fortuner E9942

One of the most dangerous and reckless drivers in panaji, was spotted driving a silver grey Toyota fortuner with number plate E9942 on the lake view colony main road, in campal, panaji, goa at around 5.55 pm on 31 October 2018
The driver of the vehicle was driving so fast, that no one on the footpath could even spot the person driving the vehicle.

While there are many two wheeler drivers who are overspeeding, it is not very dangerous because the vehicle is small, and people crossing the road can easily avoid the two wheeler.
However the Toyota Fortuner is a very large and heavy vehicle, it is very difficult to avoid the vehicle, especially if it is driven well beyond the speed limit.
Campal area is under aerial surveillance and the footage of the reckless driver should be available with security agencies
Hence action should be taken against the reckless driver of the silver grey Toyota Fortuner E9942 at the earliest, his or her driving license should be suspended at the earliest.

It is hoped that the traffic sentinels, especially in panaji, goa keep a look out for the reckless driver of the silver grey Toyota Fortuner E9942 , issue a challan at the earliest, and ensure that the vehicle is never driven recklessly in future

Fewer traffic violators observed in Mumbai compared to Goa

Though the goan government has started the traffic sentinel scheme, it appears that a large number of drivers in goa, especially panaji continue to flout traffic rules without being punished.
Some of the traffic violations observed in goa are
– overspeeding
-3-4 people seated on a moving scooter
– speaking on mobile while driving

In contrast , in Mumbai, the domain investor has almost never observed 3-4 adults seated on a scooter, and overspeeding is also not observed most of the time, because of traffic jams. The traffic police in Mumbai, appear to be quicker in catching those who violate traffic rules, fining them, while in goa there is no one who is monitoring the traffic violators.
Instead the security agencies in goa are wasting their time and taxpayer money monitoring harmless citizens like the domain investor owning this website, while in Mumbai, those who walk like the domain investor do not face any harassment, while vehicle drivers are more closely monitored.

This shows why Mumbai is the financial capital of india, the police and security agencies realize that vehicle drivers and owners have more money, can cause more damage and can also pay larger fines, while pedestrians who are walking, have less money and cannot cause damage.

On the other hand, the security agencies in goa, show their financial incompetence, when they are wasting resources, monitoring and hounding harmless pedestrians who are walking on the road like the domain investor owning this website, while ignoring the overspeeding drivers and other traffic violators.

Barrier gate does not open automatically for tata associate stalker fraud goan housewife nisha dsa with grey scooter Q1328

In goa section 420 fraud LIAR google, tata employees making fake claims are some of the greatest and most DANGEROUS FRAUDS in goa,putting a hardworking single woman engineer under surveillance, to steal her orders, leads, block her payment and dupe people that their sex workers they supply and other well connected lazy greedy cheater housewives like riddhi nayak, gujju school dropout housewife naina, and her sons, goan housewife nisha dsa, who do not spend any time and money online are doing the work online, to defame, cheat and exploit the google competitor, domain investor and engineer

BANK details will legally prove that google, tata employees are the greatest LIARS , CHEATERS and FRAUDSTERS in goa, far worse than the nigerian fraudsters as none of the sex workers, cheater housewives promoted by the section 420 fraud liar google, tata employees have ever made any money online in their life and are least interested in doing so, yet the fraud tata employees are such ruthless liars that the goan government, security and intelligencies in goa and elsewhere blindly believe their complete lies

The fraud liar tata employees are always recruiting people in the area where the google competitor is spending time,. to stalk and defame the google competitor. One of the newest recruits of LIAR tata employees is the tata associate stalker fraud goan housewife nisha dsa who has a dark grey scooter Q1328 . The tata employees are monitoring the google competitor wherever she goes and when she returns to a home, they will send nisha dsa home also. So on 9 October 2018, when the google competitor had gone to panaji, for shopping, and in a clear case of stalking, the tata associate nisha dsa was waiting near the barrier gate on her scooter Q1328 at around 12.55 hours

The barrier gate is automated, and nisha dsa has not got the sticker required, so the barrier gate does not open automatically. She is sliding her scooter under the barrier gate and entering the housing complex. So when the barrier gate automatically opened for another person living in the housing complex, nisha dsa entered the complex on her scooter. So when the liar google, tata employees falsely claim that the housewife nisha dsa, with scooter Q1328, a lazy fraud is doing work online, people should be aware that nisha does not do any work online at all, she is only an associate of the liar tata employees who are viciously defaming a single woman engineer, so that they can exploit her to the maximum extent possible.