Flawed system of charging taxi passengers in Goa at airport

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One of the major problems of living in goa, is that some of the decisions taken are very irrational, and cannot be justified in an open debate. One of the examples of this flawed system is that at the airport taxi counter they are insisting on charging a passenger depending on the number of luggage piecies the passenger is having, and are refusing to consider the weight
Airlines are far more rational in charging a passenger according to the total weight of the luggage, as the fuel consumed and cost for the airline will vary depending on the weight of the luggage. Most airlines have a luggage weight limit of 25 kg per passenger.
However the taxis in goa will charge the same amount if there is 1 passenger in the taxi or 4 passengers in the taxi , however they will sometimes charge extra for every luggage piece.
So if a woman has three light pieces of luggage weighing 1 kg each, the taxi in goa will charge Rs 30 extra
On the other hand, if there are 4 passengers in the taxi , the additional weight will be at least 180 kg more compared to a single woman, costing the driver more fuel , yet they will pay less than the single woman with 3 kg extra baggage due to the irrational bag policy at the airport

So the policy of charging passengers depending on quantity alone is highly flawed, they should consider the weight of the luggage and the number of passengers in the vehicle, and a single person should have more luggage allowance.