Google, tata sponsored eighth standard pass cbi employee gujju housewife naina’s sons are underage drivers

Google, tata, ntro, cbi have been ruthless in defaming, cheating, exploiting, torturing a harmless google competitor, domain investor after making fake allegations without any proof at all. However these shameless fraud ntro, cbi employees show their double standards refusing to take any action against the google, tata sponsored eighth standard pass cbi employee naina, mother of two sons, whose sons are driving a large number of vehicles though they are below the permissible age for driving vehicles.
Though they are still teenagers, taking advantage of the lack of traffic police in panaji, cbi role model semiliterate naina’s sons are often driving a car in panaji, to college and elsewhere. Since cbi role model naina was married at the age of 16, well below the legal marriage age of 18 for girls in India, it is not surprising that her sons are also flouting traffic rules.
Media reports indicate that most accidents are caused by young people below the age of 25, as they are more likely to drive rashly

Rich drivers causing accident often bribe poorer people to take the blame

It is observed that often wealthy individuals drink and drive or drive carelessly, flouting traffic rules and cause the death of innocent people and injuries to others. They are aware of the stringent penalty that is imposed on those who are causing the accident, and if they have to spend time in jail, it will adversely affect them socially and professionally.
Since life is cheap in India, it is observed that when wealthy people are involved in an accident, they often bribe their way out of trouble. For example in the Jahnavi Gadkar case, the media reported that she had tried to bribe her way out of the accident, so that the police did not catch her.
In other instances, like when a wealthy doctor was involved in an accident, he managed to get his driver to take the blame, though allegedly the driver was in some other place when the accident actually took place.

Innovators in India treated worse than rash drivers who actually cause death

India is the large importer of defence equipment in the world and does not develop new technologies because bribed by greedy unethical large corporates like google, tata harmless indian innovators are treated worse than criminals and rash car, vehicle drivers who actually cause death, wasting crores of indian tax payer money in the process.

Though they make millions of dollars in profit, fraud internet and IT sector companies like google, tata are too greedy and risk averse to invest their own money in research and developing new technology instead bribing the shameless GIGOLO like top ntro, cbi, raw, security agency employees with SEX workers, money, R&AW/CBI jobs for their mediocre lazy greedy relatives and friends to make completely fake allegations without any proof against the harmless innovator, and repeat the fake allegations hysterically like parrots for a decade, ruining the reputation of the harmless innovator in the process
On the hand, the security and intelligence agencies who claim to be so worried about security and safety of indian citizens do not take any action against rash and careless vehicle drivers who have actually caused the death of harmless indian citizens overspeeding and not abiding to traffic rules

Just because a corrupt top officials has received massive bribes from google, tata, a harmless innovator, google competitor is labelled a security threat without any proof at all since 2010, denied her fundamental rights. The same official refuses to take any strict action at all against reliance vp Jahnavi Gadkar who actually caused the death of a few innocent indian citizen, clearly indicating the double standards of the powerful indian intelligence and security agency employees

Owning and driving a vehicle considered to be a status symbol

In Goa, the vehicle density is one of the highest in india, because owning and driving a vehicle is considered to be a status symbol. In some larger metro cities, like Mumbai, most people do not own a vehicle, as the public transport system is fairly efficient, and real estate rates are fairly high, making parking a vehicle difficult,
However the obsession with vehicles leads to many problems like traffic jams and lack of parking space. Many people are parking their vehicle in the open, on the main road at night without any kind of security. This can be very risky, as anyone can damage the car, lamps, body, steal the fuel.
Most of the cars are fairly expensive costing Rs 3 lakh or more, and if a person has many enemies, if the car is parked in the open, it can be easily damaged,causing large losses

Profiling rash drivers causing accidents

Overspeeding drivers are a major problem and have caused a large number of accidents all over india, Many of these drivers are drunk or have consumed drugs and kill people with their rash driving.

It is observed that for most high profile accidents like the reliance VP Jahnavi Gadkar case, the driver has an expensive luxury car, kills a large number of people while escaping unhurt, because of the excellent safety features of the high end car which he or she is driving.

In many cases, the celebrity or wealthy person is able to manipulate the system so that a poor person, driver will take responsibility for the accident, undergo the punishment while the person who actually caused the accident will escape free,

Vehicle stopped in middle of the road

Another major problem for pedestrians and other drivers, are vehicle drivers who halt their cars in the middle of the road to speak to others or get their work done or due to lack of parking space. The problem is particularly severe for larger cars and SUVs which take up a lot of space compared to scooters and motorcycles,

In some areas, the roads are already narrow like the road in front of PWD water supply department, and the parked cars, make it difficult for a person crossing the road to find out if the road is clear or some vehicle is driving fast and cross the road accordingly. In large cities, the towing van will be quick to take away the vehicle, in panaji, no one is monitoring whether traffic rules are being violated.

So some people prefer to walk only in the early morning before 8 am when there is relatively less traffic on the road and avoid stepping out of the house after 6.30 pm when it becomes dark, and there is no natural light and street lights do not illuminate the roads well.