Vehicle stopped in middle of the road

Another major problem for pedestrians and other drivers, are vehicle drivers who halt their cars in the middle of the road to speak to others or get their work done or due to lack of parking space. The problem is particularly severe for larger cars and SUVs which take up a lot of space compared to scooters and motorcycles,

In some areas, the roads are already narrow like the road in front of PWD water supply department, and the parked cars, make it difficult for a person crossing the road to find out if the road is clear or some vehicle is driving fast and cross the road accordingly. In large cities, the towing van will be quick to take away the vehicle, in panaji, no one is monitoring whether traffic rules are being violated.

So some people prefer to walk only in the early morning before 8 am when there is relatively less traffic on the road and avoid stepping out of the house after 6.30 pm when it becomes dark, and there is no natural light and street lights do not illuminate the roads well.