Lack of pavements

Another major problem is the lack of proper pavements in most parts of panaji. Most middle class people in panaji,especially those who were bought up in goa, are driving a vehicle, so they refuse to understand the problems faced by pedestrians.

If a person who has studied initially in goa has relocated to a metro city for work, he or she may not know driving as most metro cities have an excellent and fairly reliable public system. The security agencies in goa are torturing older people when they try to learn driving

While walking may not be fashionable, it allows the person walking to have a closer look at his or her surroundings, at the real problems faced. Water logging is a major problem, and one of the worst areas is area in front of the water supply department PWD in St Inez, Panaji where those who walk have to wade in the dirty puddle of water after heavy rainfall.

Fixing the problem would be relatively simple for the local government authorities, just dumping some pebbles, rubble will reduce water logging, however no one cares, they are too busy with organized stalking of harmless citizens to steal their resume, retirement savings, correspondence and memory.