Google, tata sponsored eighth standard pass cbi employee gujju housewife naina’s sons are underage drivers

Google, tata, ntro, cbi have been ruthless in defaming, cheating, exploiting, torturing a harmless google competitor, domain investor after making fake allegations without any proof at all. However these shameless fraud ntro, cbi employees show their double standards refusing to take any action against the google, tata sponsored eighth standard pass cbi employee naina, mother of two sons, whose sons are driving a large number of vehicles though they are below the permissible age for driving vehicles.
Though they are still teenagers, taking advantage of the lack of traffic police in panaji, cbi role model semiliterate naina’s sons are often driving a car in panaji, to college and elsewhere. Since cbi role model naina was married at the age of 16, well below the legal marriage age of 18 for girls in India, it is not surprising that her sons are also flouting traffic rules.
Media reports indicate that most accidents are caused by young people below the age of 25, as they are more likely to drive rashly