Fining rash and overspeeding drivers

Fining drivers who exceed the speed limit can be a very lucrative source of income for the state government and also reduce the number of accidents in the state. If the vehicle drivers are aware that their speed is being monitored closely and they are likely to be fined, they will be far more careful.

However almost no measures are being taken to monitor the traffic in the state and take action against those who break the speed limit and other rules. This is unlike foreign countries like united kingdom, where the speed of vehicles on the highway is automatically monitored using the latest technology and speeding tickets are issued, often with minimal human intervention.

Compared to other cities especially Mumbai, in goa, there is less consideration for pedestrians, most of their problems are completely ignored especially in panaji. In many areas there are almost no footpaths for them to walk safely and during the monsoon, waterlogging makes the roads very narrow, pedestrians have to wade through dirty water.