One Trip with Two Experiences

I went to Las Vegas with a friend a couple of weeks ago, and we both had different experiences. I went out with one of the Las Vegas independent escorts, while he went out with a woman who he had known for years and was meeting in the city. He wanted to hook up with the woman and I told him that it probably wouldn’t go the way he wanted. He was insistent that he would hook up with her, but I kept telling him that the girl looked like she only wanted to be friends.

My friend and I went out with our dates on separate days. I went out with my escort first, while my friend went out with his female friend the next day. The date I had was amazing, and the escort and I had some nice alone time that night. My friend and I were staying in separate hotel rooms, so I had a room all to myself to spend with the escort. I was so tired the next day because I was up all night with the escort having fun.

Things didn’t go so well for my friend and his female friend. They met up and went to a restaurant to eat and talk, and throughout the entire dinner, the female friend was sending hints that she didn’t want to do anything with my friend other than talk, but my friend wasn’t able to get the hint. My friend tried to make a move on his female friend, but she turned him down and things got awkward between them. She asked him to take her back home and he did. My friend didn’t want to talk about his experience for a few days, but I knew just what happened. He said that he would try and escort the next time he came to Las Vegas.