Goa traffic police should immediately suspend the driving license of headscarf wearing muslim lady driving white scooter G AA5944 in panaji, goa

One of the most dangerous reckless lady drivers in panaji, goa is headscarf wearing lady driver, who appears to be a muslim, driving white scooter GA AA5944 who is openly using her scooter to cause near accidents to people in panaji, goa intentionally and is openly boasting about it

The panaji criminal middle aged driver AA5944 intentionally tried to harm a senior citizen and another woman near caculo mall, living room showroom on 19 august 2018 at around 9.04 pm. the panaji criminal scooterist who was wearing a headscarf with brown leopard marks drove her scooter dangerous close to the pedestrians on the footpath, though the road was almost completely empty. Another thinner younger woman was riding pillion behind her

The dangerous scooterist AA5944 intentionally was trying to terrorize citizens walking on the footpath, driving her scooter very close, and she intentionally very close to one person, stopping her scooter inches away from the person, When the muslim woman on scooter with number plate AA5944 was questioned by the person who was close to being harmed , the muslim scooterist made it clear that she was driving it in this reckless manner intentionally, she arrogantly said that I haven’t caused any harm , so why are you complaining

If arrogant muslim lady scooterist wishes to try such dangerous driving stunts of stopping her scooter inches away from people walking, she should try them on her family members, not on harmless citizens walking on the footpath in panaji, goa