Parking space not available if google competitor accompanies senior citizen

In a clear case of harassment of senior citizen driving a car, if he goes to his office alone there is parking space available near his office. However if he is accompanied by the google competitor almost always in the last few months, whenever the google competitor will take a lift, the local intelligence and security agency employees will ensure that there is no parking space available near the office

To block the parking space near the office, the security agencies will send their associate with a vehicle to block the parking space for 10-15 minutes, so that the senior citizen, has to find parking space some distance away and is forced to walk. If the google competitor will get off earlier at a bank, there is parking space available for the senior citizen,however if she accompanies him there is no parking space available.

this clear indicates the high levels of hatred the google competitor experiences in panaji, goa , the intense surveillance she is under.