Driver of white car GA E 0064 nearly causes accident to google competitor

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It is increasingly clear that the google competitor is under surveillance so that the associates of google, tata can stalk. harass and attack her.
Another attack took place on 27 december 2017, when the driver of white car GA E 0064 nearly caused accident to the google competitor at the entrance to lake view colony at around 5.53 pm
The google competitor was walking on the footpath, when the white car, driven by a bespectacled woman(who looked like google, tata sponsored indore document robber R&AW employee veena), drove very close to her from behind , to intentionally cause an accident to her.
Usually the driver will keep enough margin between the car and the pedestrian, or at least honk the car horn, however the rash driver of the vehicle did not even honk the car horn.