Celebrity biker Sana Iqbal’s mother claims death was a murder not car accident

A day after Times of India reported the death of celebrity biker Sana Iqbal from Hyderabad in a car “accident” , it reported that the mother of the biker had filed a police complaint that it was a death due to murder and not an accident.
The newspaper had in the initial report itself specified that Sana Iqbal did not have good relations with her husband,Nadeem Abdul so it is rather surprising that she went out with him in a car.
the “accident” also took place at 4 am in the morning, which is a time, when the roads of almost all indian cities are deserted and people are fast asleep in their homes. Like the death of model Sonika Chauhan, it is possible that it was a partly intentional death.
The nature of the injuries which Sana Iqbal and her husband suffered in the so called “accident” can provide legally valid information whether it was a murder or unintentional.
This again highlights the fact that in case of accidental death or murder, like the Scarlett Keeling case, only the mother usually cares and tries to get justice for her child, especially daughter , the husband has no qualms getting rid of his wife