Accidental death of model Sonika Chauhan was covered in the media

It is generally observed that accidents of celebrities are getting a lot of coverage in the mainstream media. In 2017, one of the most high profile accidental deaths was that of model Sonika Singh Chauhan in Kolkatta in May 2017. The car was being driven allegedly by actor model Vikram Chatterjee who only suffered injuries, while the model Sonika Chauhan succumbed to her injuries.
The model Sonika chauhan bore a striking resemblance to the google, tata sponsored goan obc bhandari R&AW employee sex worker sunaina chodan, 2013 bsc , whose lovers in ntro, cbi, falsely claim owns this website though income tax returns have proved that she is not spending any money on the website, and doing any work online
Initially the matter did not get much coverage in the media, however Times Now carried the news of the death of Sonika Chauhan repeatedly featuring photos of the model and cctv footage of Vikram Chatterjee in the nightclub drinking. The indian television channels are usually preferring to cover cases where the women involved are good looking like sonika chauhan, honeypreet
Even R&AW/NTRO/cbi are falsely claiming that shivalli brahmin R&AW employee cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, who does not do any work, is associated with the website, to waste indian tax payer money paying her a monthly government salary at the expense of the domain investor.