Fewer traffic violators observed in Mumbai compared to Goa

Though the goan government has started the traffic sentinel scheme, it appears that a large number of drivers in goa, especially panaji continue to flout traffic rules without being punished.
Some of the traffic violations observed in goa are
– overspeeding
-3-4 people seated on a moving scooter
– speaking on mobile while driving

In contrast , in Mumbai, the domain investor has almost never observed 3-4 adults seated on a scooter, and overspeeding is also not observed most of the time, because of traffic jams. The traffic police in Mumbai, appear to be quicker in catching those who violate traffic rules, fining them, while in goa there is no one who is monitoring the traffic violators.
Instead the security agencies in goa are wasting their time and taxpayer money monitoring harmless citizens like the domain investor owning this website, while in Mumbai, those who walk like the domain investor do not face any harassment, while vehicle drivers are more closely monitored.

This shows why Mumbai is the financial capital of india, the police and security agencies realize that vehicle drivers and owners have more money, can cause more damage and can also pay larger fines, while pedestrians who are walking, have less money and cannot cause damage.

On the other hand, the security agencies in goa, show their financial incompetence, when they are wasting resources, monitoring and hounding harmless pedestrians who are walking on the road like the domain investor owning this website, while ignoring the overspeeding drivers and other traffic violators.