Uber drivers now doing construction, masonry work

Compared to 2010, the online advertising rates are far lower, so most online publishers are doing some other work like writing to pay their daily expenses, domain renewal fees.
Yet the well paid government employees continue to run an extortion racket,making fake service tax allegations when revenues are below Rs 20 lakh
In many industry sectors, there are times, especially initially when people make a lot of money. For example Uber drivers were making plenty of money initially, now there is less money, especially after the covid pandemic, so they are doing masonry work, since the income is better and regular work is available

It is time well paid greedy government employees show some humanity and stop harassing citizens who are making very less money with fake service tax allegations, and are forced to take up low paying writing or construction work, since these citizens are also not allowed to get paid work in india because of the resume theft racket of top government employees.