Personality skull mask for motorcycle riders

The personality skull mask can be used for multiple applications, as a ski mask to protect the face, during Halloween, for a costume or theme party, playing paintball or similar games, and with a motorcycle helmet while driving a motorcycle. The airsoft skull mask with goggle will protect the eyes well from ultraviolet radiation, as it has clear polarized lenses,which are light gray in color, without affecting the visibility. The lenses will pass the drop ball test, making it possible to use the goggles for airsoft and paintball. The black colored mask will also protect the skin against dust, dirt and heat while outdoors.

The personality skull mask is designed for wearing with helmet when motorcycle race is organized . The mask is supplied with an adjustable band , so that the helmet can be fastened along with the mask for greater comfort of the user. So the lightweight skull mask, makes the wearer stand out and also offers protection